BAN Expert Fitness PT Ride Republic Instructor 

Qualified PT and Online Coach
Aspiring Osteopath

6 Years of PT coaching
Professional footballer

JANE UK Fitness Expert Founder of Baby A-Wake

FREDDIE Boutique Studio Trainer Spin Instructor 

AMANDA PT & Group Fitness Trainer Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor

LISA Vinyasa Yoga teacher 

JANINE PT and International Group Fitness Instructor 

CALLUM PT & Instructor at Top London Gyms

LUCY Former Head Coach at Windrush Triathlon


After obtaining a Sports Science degree in 2012, Omar qualified as a Personal Trainer and UKA Running Coach. He has trained under Great Britain Coaches where he has developed his skills further both as an athlete and a coach. Today, he still competes at a club level, racing middle-long distance events.

He brings a flavour of his athletic background to all of his clients regardless of their level of fitness to maximise their training results. Over the years, Omar has trained royalty, celebrities, athletes and a range of many more clients who aspire to be the best version of themselves.  


Banafsheh Hassanzadeh is a London-based Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Indoor Cycle Teacher and Fitness Blogger.  

Her teaching style combines her passion with a strong sense of humour and empathy. Her approach is to accept it, push through it and to laugh through the struggle together. 

Although her classes are tough and extremely competitive, Ban makes it her personal mission to ensure every single person is welcome and proud of their achievements. Nothing compares to making others feel good about themselves; before, during and after their workout.


Ellie is a qualified PT, online coach and is also training to become an Osteopath at University College London. Her passion for health and fitness sparked in 2013 after she graduated, feeling out of shape and unconfident, so decided to take action.

Ellie loves HIIT workouts so expect her classes to be fun yet challenging; she does love throwing in a surprise finisher too! Ellie's philosophy around training and nutrition: "Everything in moderation! Balance is key. A diet is never going to be sustainable if you can't do the things you love."


Charlie Frederick has been in the fitness industry for 6 years, and has also been a professional footballer, an underwear model, and does one-on-one client training.

He has an extensive knowledge of fat burning and strength training programmes, and his favourite way to train is with high intensity EMOM’s and a push-pull-legs split for strength and muscle gain.

Charlie Frederick’s aim is to make the workouts as enjoyable as possible and keep motivation high. The harder you train the more rest you gain — Rome wasn’t built in a day, trust the process!


One of the most recognised fitness experts in the UK, Jane has been running her own health & fitness consultancy, Body A-Wake, since 1993. With a background in sports science, pilates, pre/postnatal exercise and personal training, there isn’t much Jane doesn’t know when it comes to fitness.

With her fun and supportive training style, she will help you smash your fitness goals.


Runner, DJ, boutique studio spin instructor, actor... the list goes on. From a young age, Freddie was a promising rugby player but injuries led him to focus on his other passion: acting.  

When he’s not pushing you to your absolute limit on the treadmill or outdoors at Auro, you can likely find him down the road at Stamford Bridge supporting his beloved Chelsea, or in front of the TV eating fish and chips while watching the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

There's a no-nonsense approach when it comes to this guy. His training mantra: Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can, but do it all 100%.


Amanda is a London based Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer & Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor.

With over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry, she is a highly-skilled and knowledgeable trainer. She currently works as a group fitness trainer - teaching a HIIT-style concept at one of London’s leading fitness boutiques Another Space, as well as private members club Soho House. 

Amanda is extremely passionate about making positive impacts on people's lives and helps her clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health & wellness. Amanda hopes to inspire them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. She will transform the quality of your life through active participation in regular fitness, making your health goals a reality.


Janine is an International Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer whose love for fitness began at the age of three. 

She trained with her mum to Jane Fonda’s ‘New Workout Video’ and would run along the Hackney Marshes with her dad. Gymnastics, athletics and swimming later followed.


After years of toying with the idea, Lucy finally got round to doing her first triathlon in 2012. She loved it so much that she packed in the day job and became a full time Personal Trainer (REPS Level 3) and triathlon coach with Windrush (currently training as a BTF Level 3 coach). 

She specialises in run analysis and strength and conditioning to iron out any weaknesses. She’s passionate about helping people realise their goals and get the most of out their training. 


Lisa found Yoga in 2010; stressed from work and looking for a place of calm. Since then she underwent training to become a fully qualified instructor, and is now qualified in alignment-based Vinyasa. 

Through Yoga, Lisa then began to respect her body and love herself. She learned that being truly happy comes from within, and that doing what you love every day will lead to happiness.

This experience was brought to light with one universal truth: “The best asset we have to contribute to this world is ourselves. We must look after ourselves physically, mindfully and spiritually to make our highest contribution."


Callum is passionate about fitness and all things to do with running. When he is not teaching treadmill classes at some of London’s top studios, he enjoys outdoor running, or simply relaxing at home. 

His classes are energetic, focussed, and he will push you to beat your personal best.