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25 APR 2020

Keep Fit At Home
"There's a structured training plan for you, whether your goal is running a 5K, learning how to meditate or building strength."

24 APR 2020

Digital Wellness Directory
Dubbed a “PT in your ear”, the Auro app has workouts covering everything from walking & running to yoga & stretching.

17 APR 2020

Keep Fit At Home with Auro
Whether looking for guided tempo runs or to strength train, Auro covers almost any area of a user’s fitness journey.

28 MAR 2020

App to boost your wellbeing
Auro has a vareity of classes with video demos and personal trainers will help you achieve goals.

JAN 2020

Now Hear This Auro is an audible personal training app - simply pop in your earphones and listen to a guided training session.

8 MAR 2020

Fitness Kit: Auro App
Workouts are personalised for the user by recommending suitable classes based on fitness levels and goals.

29 JAN 2020

Auro aims for 10x growth London-based Auro wants to boost its size by ten times in the next twelve months, its co-founder has said.

8 MAR 2020

This Month's Top Tech
Auro is a new motivational audio fitness app, which provides hundreds of workouts completely tailored to the user.

26 JAN 2020

Tone up your abs
With London-based fitness technology startup - coach-on-demand app: Auro that has hundreds of workouts.

16 JAN 2020

6 of The Best Fitness Apps There are lots of workout apps out there that require you to see your phone to follow along. Auro breaks this mould. 

14 JAN 2020

Personal training app Auro features patented AI-based algorithms that analyse multiple input streams in order to 'hyper-personalise' the experience

10 JAN 2020

In-ear motivational workouts London-based fitness technology startup Auro has developed an audio fitness app which provides hundreds of workouts.

09 JAN 2020

Audio Workout Apps Auro is ideal for consumers looking to get more out of their workouts yet don't want to pay the expense of a workout class.

JAN 2020

App of the week The app offers fitness classes for the gym, at home or outdoors, which are all curated with a killer playlist.

26 DEC 2019

Same You, But... Different. Download Auro, the genius app - It’s the ‘friends with benefits’ of fitness; all the motivation, no strings attached.

29 JUL 2019

The Best Workout Apps Auro breaks the model by using audio instructions for the rapidly expanding catalogue of workouts in the app.

07 JUN 2019

Startups In The Corporate Anta P. was a Goldman Sachs investment banker for 11 years before he set up Auro, an AI-driven fitness tech startup.

FEB 2019

Beauty Musings: AI Exercise The new Auro App uses AI technology to provide an in-ear personal training experience through your phone.

11 JAN 2019

The Best Running Apps This app has a whole host of guided audio workouts to follow, including training plans and individual sessions for runners...

23 OCT 2018

The Bargain Hunter: Research shows that having a personal trainer to guide you improves the chances of achieving your fitness goals by 73%.

19 JUL 2018

Auro AI App raises £450K Auro offers personalised workouts – referred to as a “PT in your ear”, led by world class instructors using data science.